Shell V-Power®. All gasolines are not the same.

In 1995 the EPA mandated the use of detergent control additives in all gasolines to help prevent the build-up of carbon deposits in engines, which can increase tailpipe emissions.

Today we estimate that 60% of fuels sold in the US are at or near the minimum level of detergency allowed by law. However years of vehicle testing by Shell has shown that the EPA minimum level of detergency is not sufficient to prevent deposit build-up in some cars. We have measured significant deposit build-up in certain vehicles in as little as 5000 miles. Testing has further shown that some of those vehicles can experience cold start drivability problems as a result.

carbon_big Shell regular and mid-grade gasolines contain more than twice the amount of detergents required by the EPA. This level of protection helps prevent the future build-up of carbon deposits on your vehicle’s intake valves or fuel injectors. However, if you use discount gasolines, you may already have intake valve or fuel injector deposits, which may need to be cleaned up. That is where Shell V-Power® comes in.

Shell V-Power®. Actively cleans as you drive.
Shell V-Power®, our new premium gasoline, is the most highly formulated gasoline we’ve ever developed. With more than five times the minimum amount of cleaning agents required by government standards it actively cleans your engine’s intake valves as you drive. It’s now at Shell. With continued use, Shell V-Power helps remove carbon deposits and protect your engine from future deposites. Shell V-Power is also recommended for vehicles that can benefit from higher octane (check your owners manual for the octane level recommended for your vehicle).

Shell V-Power®. Putting it to the test.
Shell V-Power® is the result of a three-year development program completed by Shell fuels experts in the US working in conjunction with our global fuels design team. Using experience gained from years of developing specialty fuels for Ferrari, Shell V-Power was carefully designed to be safe and effective for use in all vehicles. It was first tested in the lab on vehicles run on chassis dynamometers. After successfully completing this phase, Shell V-Power was tested for deposit clean up on vehicles in normal service over the road . The vehicles in the lab and road tests included new and old models, domestic and imports, sedans and SUVs, representing a wide array of manufacturers and engine types.

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